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CUSTOMER PROFILE – Kathryn Parry-Brown

Our sustainability policy commits us to ‘promoting a community culture in Leeds, which includes buying local’. What better way to do this than to promote the businesses and ethics of Plate 2 Plate Compost customers?

Kathryn is a recycling pro! And a big supporter of our waste food recycling service. She also runs, not one, but two businesses! Arty Animals and Butlers Catering. Obviously, unavoidable food waste from Butlers Catering comes to Plate 2 Plate Compost but Kathryn also incorporates upcycling in all her creative activities with kids, she reuses all her plastic bottles and uses zero waste shops in Leeds.

Here is why Kathryn feels it is so important to recycle and compost waste food:

" We all have our beautiful world in common, let's keep it like that forever. At Butler's catering and Arty Animal's we constantly strive to reduce plastic waste, from e-bricks to re-filling all our plastic bottles to helping children understand the importance of preserving their planet "

So, do you need to keep the kids busy over the holidays or need inspiration for Birthday parties? Why not contact Kathryn (info@artyanimals) and get some great ideas!

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