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You collect food waste from homes?

Yip! I collect waste food from people's homes as well as businesses. The home collection is still a small local service concentrating on a small number of post codes in Leeds but it is steadily growing as more and more people want to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Kelly and Clara are two students who live in a flat in Headingley. Here's why they do it:

"We first learnt about Plate 2 Plate at the Headingley Farmers Market, as we wanted to know if there were any local compost companies.

Both of us are passionate about sustainability, therefore it was a given for us to want to cut down our waste at home. We try to buy packaging free, locally sourced products, and we have recently started doing our own Eco-bricks. Yet we knew we would not be able to compost our own food waste living in a flat with no garden. That’s where The Plate2Plate service comes in!

It is so easy and convenient. We fill up a bucket with food waste every week and then it's collected and replaced with a new one right outside our flat block. It couldn’t be easier! Also, by composting our food waste we have massively cut down on our flat waste overall. Since we moved in at the end of September we’ve only taken out three bin bags! We highly recommend this service to everyone, it’s a much better way than just throwing your food waste in the black bin."

As part of the service customers also get two 30L bags of compost. As Kelly and Clara live in a flat they decided to donate their bags to a student allotment on Woodhouse Moore. Really hitting the social elements of sustainability as well as the environmental beneifts.

Composting food waste significantly reduces harmful green house gases, puts valuable nutrients back into the soil and I love the idea that my customers use it to grow more food. Truly sustainable and a small example of a circular economy.

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