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What is sustainability for Plate 2 Plate Compost?

For us, sustainability is about finding the balance between our social, environmental and economic impacts.

We recognise that becoming a sustainable business is a journey. The commitments listed below are simply our first steps.

Social Impacts

  • We will provide meaningful employment for people with learning difficulties.

  • When finances allow it, we will provide ecological, horticultural or sustainability training for staff that is not directly related to their job description. Providing staff with an in-depth understanding of their impact on the natural environment and qualifications to further their career.

  • We will promote a community culture within Leeds, which includes buying local, supporting farmers markets and schemes such as Roundhay Open Gardens.

  • We will support education and research programmes for schools, colleges and universities.

Environmental Impacts

  • The sole purpose of our products is to improve soil health.

  • Our products will help our customers grow food and plants without the use of petrochemical-based fertilisers.

  • As we grow, we will invest in clean and renewable technologies such as electric or hydrogen vehicles, battery storage and photovoltaic arrays, minimising our carbon emissions and reducing air pollution.

  • We will continually eliminate waste in our processes and products and reuse at every opportunity.

  • Any buildings we own in the future will be renovated (old farm buildings for example) or reused (shipping containers) and employ the principles of biophilic design.

  • We will avoid first solution error by investing time and effort to find the best solution available.

Economic impacts

  • We will run our business to support, and be an example of, the circular economy.

  • As the business grows, we will put money aside to build a 90 day operating budget to minimise the impact of unforeseen events (such as a global pandemic!)

  • All investment decisions will be made using whole life costing principles.

  • We will procure equipment and goods from the most ethical providers available.

Mark Warner


Plate 2 Plate Compost

Signed: October 2020

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