What is it?

A soil improving compost made from food waste, coffee grounds and woodchip.

We have two grades; a general purpose soil improver (sieved to 12mm x 12mm), and a lawn dressing (sieved to 6mm x 6mm). Our general purpose soil improver keeps the larger bits of woodchip to promote mycorrhizal fungi and other microbes as well as help with soil structure.

What are the pH and NPK values?

Askham Bryan College have been analysing and studying our compost.

Four samples have been analysed with the values measured in parts per million (ppm) as they have measured what is fully available to plants rather than the mass. Below are the minimum and maximum values for each nutrient:

Nitrates (for foliage) - 42 to 68.6
Phosphorus (for root and flower growth) - 350 to 475
Potassium (for general plant health) - 330 to 440

In terms of pH it ranges from 7.2 to 7.8

What does it all mean?

A little goes a long way. Experiment to find out what works best but, as a general rule, if you have good quality soil you can mix or dig in 1 part of our general purpose compost to 4 parts soil to 'top it up'. If you have a poorer soil a 50:50 mix will give it the boost it needs and for lawns use a 30:70 or 50:50 mix of our lawn dressing thoroughly mixed with a good quality soil.

There are no chemical fertilisers in our product (and never will be) so it will take a little bit of time before you’ll see the results.  

What can it be used on?

We are still conducting growing tests to establish the full range of plants that our product suits best. But, based on feedback from customers so far, it has worked really well on roses, shrubs, fruit trees and lawns.

SOMthing else

Soil Organic Matter (SOM) is the fraction of the soil that consists of plant or animal tissue in various stages of decomposition and is a key ingredient to healthy soil as it improves structure, aggregation, water retention and acts as a reserve for plant nutrients. Our compost is 100% organic matter!