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Tree trials continued...

Earlier this year Plate 2 Plate compost was used by Lemon Balm to revamped the flower bed outside Waitrose in Meanwood, Leeds.

We went back to see how they are doing....

Our original blog in April stated that our compost would only be used on one tree so we could compare how it performed to the others. However, there are so many variables that affect plant growth Lemon Balm decided to use it on all three trees instead!

We're please to say that they are ALL doing great and it looks like there will be a healthy crop this season.

Our course compost was used as it retains the larger pieces of woodchip (12mm x 12mm) which will help with drainage and the growth of mycorrhizal fungi, which the trees need to get difficult to reach nutrients from the soil.

Feedback from our customers so far suggests that our course compost works really well on fruit trees, roses and pok choy.

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