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We love the idea of food going from your plate, to compost, to your veg patch and back to your plate. Plate 2 Plate, simple.

Great compost from household food waste, woodchip and coffee grounds! This includes vegetable peelings, waste meat, fish, dairy products and fruit! 

Peat free, 100% Soil Organic Matter, outstanding moisture retention, pH neutral, closed loop and sustainable!

Brilliant! Just an amazing way to turn food waste into top quality compost...



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Can highly recommend this great compost - I used one tub last year on three of my large potted plants (Twisted Hazel, French Lavender and an Acer), one of which was in a rather sorry state, and I think they're looking fab!!



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Met you guys at your Kirkstall Abbey open office, we're going to use the compost to put the Petunias we got in Grassington into a hanging basket. Thanks!



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