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Plate 2 Plate Compost is a small Leeds based business, employing people with learning difficulties, supporting the community of Leeds and producing a quality general purpose compost that is 100% organic matter, peat and chemical free!

The two parts to our business are:

1)  Our waste food collection service from homes and businesses in Leeds 

2) Selling a quality general purpose compost, made from waste food, that is ideal for your garden, allotment or potting shed  

We love the idea of food going from your plate, to compost, to your veg patch and back to your plate. Plate 2 Plate Compost, simple!

Brilliant! Just an amazing way to turn food waste into top quality compost...



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Can highly recommend this great compost - I used one tub last year on three of my large potted plants (Twisted Hazel, French Lavender and an Acer), one of which was in a rather sorry state, and I think they're looking fab!!



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Met you guys at your Kirkstall Abbey open office, we're going to use the compost to put the Petunias we got in Grassington into a hanging basket. Thanks!



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